Medical Ear Piercing

Discover the confidence that comes with our Medical Ear Piercing services. Our expertly trained professionals prioritize your safety and well-being, using specialized techniques for a comfortable and precise experience. Embrace the beauty of our hygienic, medically approved ear piercing procedures, designed to make you feel empowered and stylish. Trust us for a seamless blend of safety and style in every piercing. Your journey to a new look starts here.

What is Medical Ear Piercing?

Nickel Free

Discover our exclusive earrings made from Medical Plastic, the world's only nickel-free earrings. Say goodbye to nickel allergies with our innovative designs. For a safe and stylish choice, explore our medical-grade titanium earrings, minimizing nickel exposure to your skin. Elevate your style with our skin-friendly options.

Performed by a Physician

Discover the Joy of Ear Piercing! Our skilled physicians make it a breeze in the safety of our medical office. Relax with numbing cream, and leave with easy aftercare tips. Your perfect ear accessory journey starts here!

Safe & Sanitary

Experience the Blomdahl difference in medical ear piercing—where sterility meets style. Our method utilizes a single-use disposable cassette for each earring, ensuring hygiene and safety. Say goodbye to worries about blood-borne viruses and infections. Choose simplicity. Choose Blomdahl for your secure and stylish ear piercing needs.

Optimal Healing

Explore the charm of Blomdahl's unique piercing earrings. They create wider holes for easy earring changes and come with backs designed for better healing and air circulation. Simplify your piercing experience with style and comfort.

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