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Meet Dr. Nana Wilmot-DeSouza

Dr. Nana Wilmot-DeSouza

Meet Dr. Nana Wilmot-DeSouza, a board-certified physician specializing in Family and Lifestyle medicine. Her passion lies in empowering patients to achieve their best lives. With a commitment to accessible healthcare, she advocates for the direct primary model. Beyond her healing role, Dr. Wilmot-DeSouza sees herself as a teacher and support, considering each patient holistically—mind, body, and soul.

Having completed her residency at the University of Arkansas Health Sciences, Dr. Wilmot-DeSouza brings a wealth of personal and professional experiences to her practice. Her unique perspective allows her to connect with patients beyond their ailments.

Outside the medical realm, she cherishes family time, delights in cooking, explores new places, contributes to her local church, and participates in medical mission trips. Driven by a commitment to global service, she is actively involved in a non-profit organization benefiting people worldwide.

Experience healthcare with a personal touch—where empowerment, compassion, and holistic care converge under Dr. Nana Wilmot-DeSouza's expert guidance.

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